Package Courses

Lawson College offers packaged courses to international students, where you enroll in a more than one qualifications or courses with the highest qualification being the principle course of study.
Some of the benefits would be that you are eligible to apply for a longer duration of visa in the first instance which will cover your entire duration of studies.

Advanced Business and Leadership Management

The package is composed of courses that will hone the students to effectively lead and manage an organization. The courses are designed to upskill the students in providing quality strategic plans that will result with the progress of the company, properly managing the finances, manage innovation and sustainability, provide leadership across the organization and involve in different organisational changes. Also due to rapid change with the current trend in the business, this will require professionals who can adapt and adjust on the changes and assure to sustain the effectiveness of the strategies. The goal of the package course is to provide individuals who will be able to provide proficiency, efficiency, and competency across all workforce executive management.

Community Care, Mental Health and Leadership Management

Lawson College community care, mental health and leadership management courses is designed to equip the students in healthcare industry and corporate consultation. Our courses are composed of units with practical and theoretical approaches that will aid the students to provide high standard assistance and to be honed to lead and manage an organization. We ensure to expose the students in the actual settings to widen their perspective and the same time prepare them in future employment.

Business and Leadership Management

Lawson College business, leadership & management courses are backed and developed in consultation with the industry. Our courses provide our students with realistic and practical case studies, which are highly sought after by prospective employers and add value to our graduates learning experience.

Community Care & Leadership Management

With World’s ageing population, community care programs which includes Aged care, Home and Community care and Disability care is a fastest growing industry with projected skills shortages.

Our high quality, industry focused and comprehensive programs will set you apart and equip you with relevant skills to work in the community care industry.