English Course

English has been identified as the global langauge since most of the top countries use this to communicate locally and internationally. Also due to continuous advancement in different industry, being able to communicate using the said language is considered as essential in establishing career in a multinational settings. The General English course is designed for students to enhance the communication skills and be able to fluently converse in the said language. This course is composed of units that will equip the students to be proficient in writing reports and essays. facilitate presentations, conduct research and use citation properly, gain knowledge related to grammar and expand the vocabulary.

Course Expectation

International students must attend classes for 20 hours a week. There will also be an expectation that you complete a certain amount of independent study each week and your trainer/assessor will provide information on how much is expected.

General English

091501 – CRICOS: 0101738

Students learn and practice the four macro-skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in an interactive environment. Levels of difficulty increase over the duration of the course to assist students to develop their skills and to be more confident and fluent in English.