Advanced Business and Leadership Management

Advanced Business and Leadership Management

The package is composed of courses that will hone the students to effectively lead and manage an organization. The courses are designed to upskill the students in providing quality strategic plans that will result with the progress of the company, properly managing the finances, manage innovation and sustainability, provide leadership across the organization and involve in different organisational changes. Also due to rapid change with the current trend in the business, this will require professionals who can adapt and adjust on the changes and assure to sustain the effectiveness of the strategies. The goal of the package course is to provide individuals who will be able to provide proficiency, efficiency, and competency across all workforce executive management.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB50420 – CRICOS: 104256M

This nationally recognised qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. Individuals at this level plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources.

This qualification will empower participants with the foundations necessary to lead high performing teams and achieve operational success.

Diploma of Business

BSB50120 – CRICOS: 104814H

This qualification would apply to individuals with various job titles including executive officers, program consultants and program coordinators. Individuals in these roles may possess substantial experience in a range of settings, but seek to further develop their skills across a wide range of business functions.

Advanced Diploma of Business

BSB60120 – CRICOS: 104815G

With this qualification you will be able to further enhance your business skills in the areas of advertising, marketing research, international marketing opportunities along with managing employee relations and much more. This qualification is suitable for individuals who already possess the significant business skills and experience and aspire to move up in the corporate ladder. With this qualification you will able to contribute and lead your organisation towards growth.