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As we continue to provide quality education to our students despite of the circumstances, we ensure to deliver the curriculum in the best way possible for our students. Lawson College Australia were able to purchase software services that is now being used for the online classes across all courses. All students have their own moodle accounts wherein all assessments will be submitted and uploaded all resources per unit, while Bigbluebutton is used for the online discussions. For all concerns, students can also send email to their assessors for the further discussions, if needed, and studentsupport@lawsoncollege.edu.au is open for all emails that needs an urgent response.


In line with the new changes due to the pandemic, there are programs that we offer in preparation for the further instructions that the Australian Immigration and Department of Education will be implementing to accommodate the interest of the international students. Attached below the statement released by the Department of Education with regards to the pending and future student visa applications:

How to Apply

Steps to starting at Lawson College. When you choose Lawson College for your education, what happens next?

You can apply by following the steps below: Download the application form.

1. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or any PDF Reader software, and fill out all necessary information using the “Fill & Sign” tool/option. Please ensure to attach your electronic signature on the last page of the application form and follow the date format (Date-Month-Year).

2. Once the application form is completely filled, save the file in PDF format and submit the document directly to Lawson College Australia via email: admissions@lawsoncollege.edu.au

3. You can also contact your educational agent for assistance.

4. Regularly check your email for any response or feedback from Lawson College.

5. It is important you read and understand all the information in the ‘Prospective Student Handbook’ before you complete and submit your application.

Social Media Accounts

Lawson College Australia is also opening their social media platforms for any inquiries and question regarding the courses
and student support services that we can offer for our offshore students. Please don’t hesitate to reach us through our