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Due to health threat of increasing COVID-19 cases in Victoria, LCA implemented restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone. If unwell, please stay in your respective home and get tested.
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Lawson College Australia’s policies are available for staff and students via our staff intranet and Learning Management System (i.e. Moodle). If you require any further information on Lawson College’s policies and procedures please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@lawsoncollege.edu.au. International students can access the relevant policies through the ‘International Students’ page

International Student Policies

Click on the links below to see the policies applicable to you

Policy & Procedure – Overseas Student Transfers
Policy – Student Support Services
Policy – Refund
Policy – Tuition Fee
Policy – Privacy
Policy – Critical incident
Policy – Course Credit
Policy & Procedure – Complaints and Appeals
Policy & Procedure – Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling the overseas student enrolment
Policy – Overseas student visa requirements- Course progress, attendance and extending course duration