Online Study


by Lawson College Australia
As we adapt to the changes that COVID-19 has brought to us, we as an institution oath to protect the safety of majority. With that, we executed a pre-caution practices to ensure that we will be able to provide safe environment for everyone. Provided the below the implemented restrictions during COVID-19:
  • Students are prohibited to enter the premises unless they received an email coming from their assessors regarding their presence in the campus
  • Unexpected visit will not be entertained. If necessary, please ensure to schedule your visit by calling the reception.
  • No mask, no entry is strictly followed in all campuses. We also appreciate if you’ll be wearing your mask for the whole stay in the campus.
  • In entering, kindly ensure to sanitise and temperature check in the front desk. You will also be asked to take note of your data in the log sheet provided for references.
  • Our campus is also equipped with anti-bacterial soaps and dryer for handwashing.
  • Kindly observe the maximum capacity of people in each room. Information needed is posted in each door of the rooms.Ω
  • All concerns regarding academic will be directed via email.
  • If you are being tested for the COVID-19, please avoid going outside until the result of the test for the safety of everyone.


In line with the new changes due to the pandemic, there are programs that we offer in preparation for the further instructions that the Australian Immigration and Department of Education will be implementing to accommodate the interest of the international students. Attached below the statement released by the Department of Education with regards to the pending and future student visa applications:


As we continue to provide quality education to our students despite of the circumstances, we ensure to deliver the curriculum in the best way possible for our students. Lawson College Australia were able to purchase software services that is now being used for the online classes across all courses. All students have their own moodle accounts wherein all assessments will be submitted and uploaded all resources per unit, while Bigbluebutton is used for the online discussions. For all concerns, students can also send email to their assessors for the further discussions, if needed, and studentsupport@lawsoncollege.edu.au is open for all emails that needs an urgent response.

Lawson College Australia organised an Offshore Programs to all students who are interested to do their further studies with us. To know more about our courses and student services, kindly proceed to our homepage and click apply now or visit our Lawson College Australia facebook account and send us a message for further discussion regarding the courses. But for an overview, provided below the courses that we offer in our Offshore Programs: