Student services

Student services

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At Lawson College we offer the excellent study environment for all our students. Students will have access to latest technology and top class resources to create a unique education experience which is designed to improve your career prospects and enrich your personal life.

Airport service

Airport Pick Up Service can be  arranged for students arriving in Australia for the first time and who have a progressive offer from Lawson College. An appropriate fee is applicable which can be advised at the time of application.


Lawson College offers its services to arrange shared accommodation for all the newly arrived Lawson College students. There are many advantages to students when Lawson College organise accommodation including:

  • Value for money, no surprise expenses
  • a comfortable and secure living environment
  • hassle free – as all utility bills are paid
  • exposure to wider range of people, ideas; and cultures
  • new friendships are formed, lasting across countries.

Further details and applicable fee will be advised at the time of application.


Student welfare service

Student welfare service is a major priority at Lawson College; the following services are available to all students to assist them in personal growth and academic progress.

Academic progress issues

The Student Welfare Service provides support, information and assistance to students concerned about their academic progress because of unavoidable disruption due to welfare related issues. Students are encouraged to contact us if they are struggling or are falling behind with their studies

Health and well-being

The Student Welfare Service provides support, information, and referral on a wide range of health and well-being matters including:

  • Sexuality matters
  • drugs and alcohol
  • nutrition and fitness.

Health services

The Student Support Office will have an up to date list of medical professionals within easy access from the Lawson College.  Any student with a medical concern should inform the Welfare support officer who will assist them in finding an appropriate medical professional.

Use the following web link to find the closest hospital to your location


If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition that may hinder your progress in your studies, please inform the Welfare support officer who can help you and provide support if required.

Medical centres in Dandenong

Dandenong Medical Centre176 Lonsdale Street


Phone (03) 9794 7866

Stud Road Medical Centre82 Stud Road


Phone (03) 9794 5055

Eastern Medical Centre102 Cleeland Street


Phone (03) 9793 3188

Eastern Medical Centre102 Cleeland Street


Phone (03) 9793 3188

Langton Medical Centre37 Langhorne Street


Phone (03) 9791 8888

Digestive Health Centre90 David Street


Phone (03) 9793 3188


The Student Welfare Service provides support, information and referral on a wide range of relationship issues including:

  • Family relationships
  • intimate relationships
  • healthy relationships
  • domestic violence matters.

Legal service

Lawson College is able to provide limited advice on legal issues.   Where the Welfare support officer feels it appropriate for you to gain professional legal advice they will refer you to an appropriate legal counsellor. There are also other options for you to access legal advice through various Victorian services.

Study Melbourne Student Centre

International students in need of legal support can contact the new Study Melbourne Student Centre, where support staff can help to assess the nature your legal queries and refer you to an appropriate legal organisation.

Information on health, accommodation, financial management and safety matters, and practical support for international students dealing with personal crises, as well as offering a range of referral and advocacy services is also available. 

Phone: 1800 056 449 (free call from landline phones)
Website: http://www.studymelbourne.vic.gov.au/help-and-advice/support-services/study-melbourne-student-centre

E-mail: info@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au
Drop-in to the office: 599 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000


Library/computer facilities and resources

At Lawson College students have the opportunity to attend tutorials and one-on-one coaching with our Learning skills advisor.  Students will be instructed on accessing evidence based documents via various websites and informed of the American Psychological Association (APA)  style of presenting of academic work.  This style is implemented at Lawson College and students will be coached on various presentation standards required to meet academic criteria, which include:

  • Format and structure
  • layout and appearance
  • written expression and assessment tasks
  • citation (using on-line sources)
  • annotations
  • essay writing
  • plagiarism.

Although students are encouraged to bring their personal laptops, the library/computer lab does provide adequate computers for students to use during their program.  Students are given a generic user name and password to enable access.

Students will have access to Lawson College web based learning platform Moodle and an individual email account.

Lawson College has a reference library providing prescribed text books and journals.  Text books can be borrowed by all enrolled students. Administration staff members are there to help you should you wish to borrow a book or any of the resources.

Lawson College will provide students with information and an application form to apply for membership with the Australian College of Nursing on-line library at the time of orientation.  Lawson College will cover the cost of membership for each student.  The ACN and Joanna Briggs offers a large nursing library, research database and historical collections.

Printing/scanning facilities and free WiFi are available throughout the premises.

Student Code of conduct:

  • Students must conduct themselves in an orderly, safe and healthy manner
  • Students must follow OH&S rules and prevent injuries to themselves or any other students or staff
  • Students are required to inform teachers or staff of the college about possible hazards
  • Students must follow college’s emergency procedures
  • Smoking is not permitted in the college’s premises. Students wishing to smoke have to exit the building and can do so only during break times
  • Food or drinks are not permitted in the classrooms or computer labs
  • No drugs or illegal substances are permitted in the college’s premises
  • No weapons are allowed in the college’s premises
  • Students should refrain from using any devices that may disrupt classes, e.g. mobile phones must be switched off and media players must be switched off
  • Students are responsible for their own possessions and they should not leave their valuables unattended
  • It is important to dress appropriately when attending classes. Students are required to wear clean and tidy clothes.
  • No thongs or singlets are allowed in the classes! Inappropriately dressed students may not be allowed in the classrooms
  • Students must attend classes regularly and punctually
  • Students must not harass, discriminate or bully any other students, teachers or staff of the college at any times
  • Students are encouraged to report any discriminatory behaviour, harassment or bullying to the teachers or other staff of the college.

Unique Student Identifiers (USI):

Every student who undertakes nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia  (or  overseas  from  an  Australian-registered  provider)  is  to  use  a  USI  to  access  their enrolment and achievement record from a single online source. Students often need to provide evidence of their academic achievements, for example when applying for a job or to undertake further study. Providing the relevant documentation is provided, the online application process should only take a few seconds.

For   more   information,  including   application   for   USI,   please   refer   to   the   USI   homepage: