Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Lawson College Australia, comprises of the

  • Board
  • Lawson College Governance
  • Governance & Risk Management Committee
  • Academic Governance Committee
    o   Programs Committee (PC)
    o   Curriculum Development and Advisory Committee (CDAC)
    o   Learning, Teaching and Training Committee (LTTC)

The roles and responsibilities for each are listed below

 Duties of members of BOARD
  1. Act always in the best interests of Lawson College Australia as a whole, with this obligation to be observed in priority to any duty a member may owe to those electing or appointing him or her;
  2. Act in good faith, honestly and for a proper purpose;
  3. Exercise appropriate care and diligence;
  4. Not improperly use their position to gain an advantage for themselves or someone else; and
  5. Disclose and avoid conflicts of interest.
 LAWSON Governing members
  1. Provide a clear statement on the Lawson College’s strategic direction, vision and mission and continually monitor progress against agreed goals.
  2. Shape and review its vision, mission and values and evaluate its own performance.
  3. Appoint and appraise the performance of the President, Chief Executive Officer [CEO] as Chief Executive, and Director of Operations [DO].
  4. Require and monitor compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.
  5. Oversee the establishment and effective operation of key policies consistent with legal requirements and the spirit of the community expectations, including those expressed in relevant statutes and regulations/regulatory authorities.
  6. Ensure delegated responsibilities and authorities are clearly defined to the CEO and other Lawson College Committees.
  7. Ensure adequate risk management procedures and associated internal controls are established and effectively maintained.
  8. Approve and monitor commercial undertakings and monitor education, training, partnerships alliances and other activities.
  9. Oversee the effective and prudential operation of Lawson College, receive periodic reports and assess performance against key performance indicators agreed with management, including:
    • Approve and monitor budgets and financial plans of Lawson College
    • Ensure Lawson College’s assets and resources are properly managed; and
    • Approve and monitor the operations and achievements of the controlled entities of Lawson College
  10. Effectively manage its own operation, including the appointment of the President, selection of new members and their induction and the proper  execution by members of their fiduciary duties.
  11. The monitoring and reporting framework of Lawson College will be subject to independent external audit, the findings of which will be reported to the BOARD.
  12. Lawson College’s Annual Report will incorporate the externally audited financial statements of Lawson College and a report on Lawson College governance and achievements for the relevant year. The Annual Report [or snapshot/summary] may be made available on Lawson College’s website.
 Governance & Risk  Management Committee  This Committee is responsible to the Lawson College Board and has a broad  range of duties:

  1. Compliance, audit & risk:
    • Responsible for the scope of work, performance and independence of internal audit
    • The operation and implementation of the risk management framework, matters of accountability and internal control affecting the operations of Lawson College
    • Lawson College’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and its own Human Resource Policies and Procedures and code of financial practice
  1. Financial Management:

Responsible for advising on matters concerning finance, investments,  asset management and insurance. This includes review of financial and  budget reports, borrowings, commercial ventures and accounting  policies

  1. Infrastructure & Resources:

Responsible for the development and implementation of projects,  campus master planning and policy relating to physical assets.

  1. Student Discipline & Appeals:

Responsible for Exclusion for Reasons of Unfitness; and & Central  Appeal role where appeals from decisions on an as needs basis are  heard.

 Academic Governance  Committee : Programs  Committee (PC)   This Committee is responsible to the Lawson College Board 
Responsible for governance, quality assurance, ratification/approval  relating to CDAC & LTTC activities & professional, disciplinary,  training/teaching/academic outcomes relating to academic/training  results/progression. Adjunct to this Committee is the Executive of PC to  undertake ratification of results; appeals relating to results, student  progress issues/concerns and compliance issues/monitoring.
 Curriculum Development and  Advisory Committee (CDAC)  This Committee is responsible to Programs Committee
Responsible for the development, design, implementation, evaluation  and review of new curricula; and review and program changes of  existing curricula/ and those relating to training packages.
 Learning, Teaching and  Training Committee (LTTC) This Committee is responsible to Programs Committee
Responsible for  the development and maintenance of policy, procedure and guidelines  and associated documentation, development and implementation of the  LEARNING & TEACHING/TRAINING PLAN; the day to day operations  relating to program delivery including: curricula, teaching/training and  learning materials and environment (classroom, clinical, online,  partnerships); assessment, moderation and approval of results;  implementation of continuous improvement/evaluation activities;  tracking student outcomes and progression/retention and study plans;  maintenance of files for regulatory inspection/audit.